Blogging for Beginners Create a Blog and earn income book review

Blogging for Beginners – Create a Blog and Earn Income. Best marketing and writing methods you need; to profit as a blogger for making money, creating passive income and to gain success right now.

This book review covers the Blogging for Beginners – Create a Blog and Earn Income book by Michael Nelson & David Ezeanaka.

The Description

Blogging for Beginners is a book for anyone who is looking to start out in the blogging world. With more and more blogs appearing each day it is hard to have an edge in an ever growing world. This book provides a general overview of what it takes to create a blog and start earning money from it.

“In this book, you are going to learn about all the tools you need to build and maintain a successful job as a total beginner. Whether you are on the fence about the whole process of blogging or have been thinking about starting a blog but are unsure where to start, then this is the perfect book to begin your journey into the realm of blogging!” – Taken from the book.

The Overview

I think I knew too much about blogging and creating blogging websites before reading this. The clue is in the title for this book. If you are a complete newbie to blogging and setting up your blog for making money then this book will be good for you. If you’ve read a couple of blog posts on creating your own blog then you’ll probably know 50% of this book already.

Blogging for Beginners does cover every part of setting up a blog to earn passive income. Going through all the steps from choosing a niche and name for your blog right up to what plugins to use with WordPress.

With a reading time of just 2 hours you can brush up on your blogging knowledge in just one evening. There is not a log of depth to this book and it is a really easy read.

The Conclusion

My overall take from this book is that it delivers a very basic, broad overview of what blogging is. Don’t expect to be quitting your 9-5 after reading this book. I would highly suggest reading some more blogging books and blog posts to learn more.

From what I read I didn’t really gain any extra knowledge about blogging. I also did not learn anymore about earning money from a blog. Like I said before, I’m not sure if this is because I already know a lot about blogging and I’m not a beginner anymore.

Blogging for Beginners is for beginners and beginners alone. I mean it is right there in the title. The definition of a beginner is someone who is just starting to learn a new skill.

If you interested in blogging and have not really read anything about it then this book is great for you. Grab a copy and give it a read, I’m sure there is something in there that you will learn.

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