Medicot ecommerce wordpress website designed by freelance website designer Christine Wilde

Medicot is a local business who deliver fresh, informative and fun training in a relaxed environment. They offer a wide variety of first aid courses for people of all levels and experience.

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The Brief

I was tasked with the challenge to redesign their existing website. The new website needed to include a course booking software that the client was already using.

One of the extra features of the new website was to include an online store so that they can sell medical supplies. Also, the existing website did not have a contact form so that was important to add to the new website.

The Process

I started this project off by working with the client on the visual designs. These designs cemented the overall design and layout of the website. I created a flat design for each page needed.

Once the client had signed off the visual design I started building the website using WordPress. Throughout this process I involved the client so they could provide any feedback they may have. This step also includes a lot of testing, so I was testing the website on all popular browsers, checking compliancy, etc. I was also thoroughly testing the course booking software, making sure it ran smoothly for the clients visitors.

Online Course Booking

Medicot offer a wide variety of first aid training courses. Whilst building the new website I needed to make sure the course booking software worked seamlessly. I needed to make sure there was no down time when moving to the new WordPress website.

The course booking software is powered by Administrate. I worked closely with the client and the plugin developers to make sure that everything would work flawlessly.

Medicot online course booking services designed by Christine Wilde

Before & After

Medicot already had an existing website that needed to be redesigned. The logo didn’t need to be changed as it already looked nice and worked well. The existing logo was recreated as a vector so that I could enlarge it if needed.

Medicot old website

I needed to identify the weak areas of the existing website and make those areas worked better on the new website. The existing website was built on tables and had a very outdated design. The main priority for the new website was to bring more attention to the first aid courses.