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Friend Called Five

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The Friend Called Five band logo is a passion project that myself and my wife are working on. It’s going to be a little duet who creates Cyberpunk inspired music.

The Brief

For the Friend Called Five band logo, I wanted to create something strong and bold. It also needed to work on several different applications. Therefore, I included a responsive style design with the ‘FC5’ logo option. This can be used on small applications such as profile images and icons.

Friend Called Five logo design by freelance logo designer Christine Wilde

The Colour Palette

I knew I wanted to have a bright and strong colour palette for this project. I researched a lot of Cyberpunk-style imagery and came up with the colour options you see here. They complement each other nicely.

Custom Lettering

The text in the logo is a custom-made font that I hand drew and then created vector letters from. There will be a Friend Called Five font available in the future. Creating a custom font for your client’s logos is always a great addition to a brand. Therefore, your clients know their logo is unique.

I tried many different design routes for this brand but landed on the text-based logo.

Young Air Conditioning Pattern Design
Young Air Conditioning Pattern Design
Young Air marketing website design created by Christine Wilde Freelance WordPress Designer
Business SOS logo design by Christine Wilde - freelance logo designer

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