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Loot Drop Graphics

Brand Identity Design


Loot Drop Graphics is a passion project of mine. We supply content creators with graphics and badges for their live stream or channel.

The Brief

I wanted to create an online eCommerce store serving the content creators and streamers who stream on Twitch or YouTube. This was a great opportunity for me to have complete creative control over the content. It also allowed me to create affordable graphics for streamers who are just starting out on Twitch or YouTube.

The store was built using Shopify which has also helped me to further my skills with the platform. Shopify is a great platform if you want ease of use and do not have to worry about security and keeping everything up to date.

Loot Drop Graphics - Graphics for content creators and streamers designed by Christine Wilde

Make every adventure an unforgettable one

We are a team of gamers first and we also like to design awesome things. We like to help streamers up their streaming game by offering a wide variety of graphics including sub badges, and Twitch panels right up to complete stream overhauls.

Loot Drop Graphics is not even a year old yet and we’ve helped over 2,000 streamers already with our digital downloads. We have many items and ideas in the pipeline for Loot Drop Graphics, watch this space!

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Business SOS logo design by Christine Wilde - freelance logo designer

Always Learning

This passion project has me constantly learning new skills and learning more and more about eCommerce websites. Not only do I create all the content that is sold on Loot Drop Graphics but I also create a monthly newsletter and keep social media profiles up to date. I advertise all the products on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is so I can target the widest audience possible. The website also boasts a newsletter list that currently has over 1,000 subscribers.

Affiliate Marketing

I often write blog posts about services or products that I think may help content creators. These blog posts often feature affiliate links where I can earn a little referral income. Most businesses that work with content creators offer affiliate links and discount codes for their communities.

Helping the Gaming Community

Loot Drop Graphics also features a blog where I post tutorials, reviews and updates on news that will affect content creators and their channels. I hope to cover as much information relating to the gaming industry and content creators, this should help to gain more customers and viewers for the website.

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