14 December 2020

What is Woocommerce?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. A plugin is an add-on for the base WordPress installation. It allows the user to create an online store on their website. It comes packed full of features and allows the user to upload products, services or digital downloads to their website.

WooCommerce is the best online store plugin you can get for WordPress. It even has its own plugins available if you require your store to do more such as additional payment methods. You can install another plugin

WooCommerce can be a great option if you would instead not add additional monthly/yearly costs to your website. WooCommerce is a free plugin. You will however find it useful and easier to get a WordPress developer or designer on board to make sure the installation runs smoothly.

You can update stock, view orders, add products, remove products and add featured products. For separate products, you can add the quantity available, styles, price, weight, shipping estimates and much much more!

The store can also be tailored to look and fit in with your existing website. You can ask a website designer or developer to make changes if needed.

The best part about a plugin is that it does not affect the overall look and content of the website. If you wanted to close the online store it would be as if it were never there. This can be achieved by simply deactivating the plugin in the WordPress dashboard.

Contact me here if you would like to know more about WooCommerce and what goes into adding the feature to your website.