24 January 2022

Why Hire a Freelance Designer?

You should hire a freelance designer for your next project! Want to know why? Then read on. Hiring a freelance designer can have a variety of advantages for your business. Whether you have a small design project, ongoing design work or an agency with overflow work, a freelancer can be a great and affordable option.

Freelancer Designers are Convenient

Hiring a freelancer is great for convenience. If you have a short-term project or ongoing design work, a freelancer could be more than suited for this role. This is much easier and quicker than advertising and going through the employment process to take on staff. It is also a more personable option than going through a design agency where you may have to talk to several different people.

Also, if you run an agency, you may need someone to help with a one-off project or some overflow work that your in-house team can’t take on at the moment. You can hire freelancers by the project, set weekly hours or a monthly basis. Most freelancers are flexible and happy to take on short or long contracts.

Freelancers Provide a One-to-One Service

With a freelancer, you will be working with just one person rather than a group of different people. So you will get that super personal experience and know that the freelancer will be taking the time to understand your business and what you need. You will be talking to the freelancer directly and not have to go through multiple hoops to get your answers or extra work completed. Also, agencies can be super busy and you may not be their top priority.

Freelance Designers Are Always Improving Their Skills

Freelancers are usually more inclined to improve their skills, making sure they are always up to date and providing the best service possible. You will also find that most freelancers are skilled in multiple areas. For example, I’m experienced in website design, front-end development, 3D modelling and motion graphics. These are all very different areas of design but I need to know them all to be a successful designer. We also have to be business savvy and know a thing or two about social media.

Freelance Designers Have A Varied Skillset

Freelancers generally have a wide variety of skills relating to their primary profession. So for example a website designer may not only be a website designer but a front-end developer as well and may have experience in a Content Management System. This is so they can provide their clients with everything they need for their projects. Usually, freelancers have a list of fellow freelancers who can help should they need to find someone with a specific skill set.

Freelancers Provide Project Aftercare

Agencies may not give you the attention and help you need after a project has been completed. A good freelancer is always happy to help and responds in a timely manner. With an agency, after the project is complete, you may not be their top priority anymore. I always make sure to respond to any urgent emails in a timely manner and check up on my clients after the project has been completed. This is so I can offer any help with any questions that may have to arise. Also, this makes the client feel valued and appreciated which may, in turn, result in more work down the line.

Freelance Designers Are Cost Effective

If you are running your own business or just starting out you will be very aware of how much things cost. Hiring a freelancer is generally cheaper than going through an agency or large design company. It is also more affordable than employing a full-time designer. Some freelancers offer payment plans if you wish to spread your payments over a few weeks or months.


I don’t think you need any more convincing as to whether hiring a freelance designer is best for your company or not. You may not have considered a freelancer in the past but now is a better time than any. A good, reliable freelancer can be a great asset for your business. You can also hire freelancers for a wide variety of skills. For example, you can hire a freelance social media expert, blog post writer, project manager, videography, logo designer and so much more.

Welcome to the world of freelancing!